Josh Cohen



Josh Cohen is a pianist residing in Melbourne, Australia.

More than a decade of classical tuition that later diverged into jazz and improvisation underscores Josh’s sound and playing but it is the space, simplicity and intensity of emotion that fundamentally drive his arrangements and compositions.

Josh found musical solace from the competing constraints of his training through a meditative and highly improvised approach to playing some of his favourite songs in endlessly evolving and creative ways. This exploration was the impetus for his YouTube channel, where he has presented idiosyncratic covers of Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Sigur Rós and David Bowie.

Josh consistently embarks into unknown territory despite the familiarity of the songs, and it is this combination of comfort and surprise that has resonated with listeners, garnering millions of views and instigating deeply personal commentary from listeners around the globe.

In 2019, Josh will release his premiere songbook containing arrangements from the Radiohead catalogue. Josh's original band Auto Luna will debut the first single from their forthcoming album and Josh will embark on a number of live performances. As to future projects, Josh is letting things unfold via the strange alchemy of hard work and serendipity that has dictated his journey to now.